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Websites that I Developed and/or Webmaster

Sites below are ones that I had something to do with the majority of their development (programming).

  • Parrain's - The finest seafood restaurant in Baton Rouge
  • Riverbend Lakes Homeowners' Association - private homeowners' association in Baton Rouge
  • Cousin It - My college rock/slop band. Web site is chock full of pictures, lyrics, info, and our entire CD in MP3/RealAudio. 
  • Rebels - my lousy corporate co-ed softball team
  • StichSys, Inc. - My little contracting/consulting company. Is there is an application or service you need that a computer architect/designer/programmer would fit the bill, take a look here. It might have exactly what you need.

Websites that I have Bookmarked

This list has grown huge over the years. It was impossible to keep this current and just too painful to maintain. But then came the fantastic Pinboard!

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