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Contacting Me

Probably the best way to get in touch with me is via good ol' fashioned email.

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    Yeah, I know that you're not getting my direct email address. I have been clobbered by spam ever since I bought Faulstich.com back in 1996. I've been sloppy with email addresses being posted/forgotten about on my sites and the crawlers and spammers have been harvesting my email addresses more and more over the years. Lately I have been putting forth quite a bit of effort to clear my name (email address) from the public sites it's been passed along. (Actually, the biggest screw up of all time was something that was completely out of my control and unintentional back in 2003. I submitted some bugs/feedback to a Japanese Linux open-sourced developer for his graphics program. He "gave me credit" by including my personal email address in the readme file, posted on distributed and posted via on SourceForge, and forever in the readme that is packaged with the app in the changelog. Multiple contact attempts to the developer have gone unanswered and the genie is way out of the bottle.)
    • I will receive your message via my own email account, so make sure that you leave a proper one for yourself if you ever want to hear from me again. When we make contact we can avoid the web form stuff and just send ol' school email to each other.

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