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This has been my personal waste of bandwidth, disk storage, and both my and your time since 1996.

The main page links will always be up top, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting around (if you do, the quote below might be in reference to you.) --// Ricky Most people just immediately go to the photo gallery.

Enjoy the site, and email me with your accolades, suggestions, and bitches. Please, if you're from my past and we've been out of touch, drop me line too!

A quote that predicted the impact of the internet and one that will make you laugh:
Right now, they're working on a graphical interface to the internet. Pretty soon, people will be able to just click with their mouse and browse around from virtual place to virtual place, document to document, datum to datum. The result will be a boundless information resource that will be idiot-proof to use.

Great. Idiot-proofing the internet just guarantees that every idiot will use it.

-- Playboy Magazine, circa 1994 (back when it was illegal to use the internet for commercial purposes.)
News and Gratuitous Social Commentary
Turns out that this section has been deprecated, thanks in part by the advent of Web2.0. Now, various best-of-breed services take place of certain functionalities that I had to write from scratch in the past. When somebody does it better, easier, or cheaper... you let them do it.
  • Photos: I've migrated all my photo galleries to the wonderful services of SmugMug.
    I will no longer be sending (or logging here) notifications when I send new images up to my galleries.
    To keep up with my latest photo activities, subscribe to one of these syndicated feeds:
  • Blog: I keep some immediate thoughts, commentaries, and tech info on StichBLOG (mostly Microsoft software development topics.) It's really not integrated into this site yet and actually runs from a coat closet in my apartment.
  • Background: There's is an excellent "identity claiming" site that I stumbled upon called ClaimID. It is meant to merely stake out and publish/present information related specifically to your personal identity; and does a good job of it. Besides giving some life milestones in the background section, it is the portal to all of my root links that "are me" (MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, etc. presences as well as a couple of commercial sites that I developed/maintain. These base links, of course, splay out to an uncountable amount of additional related links.) Therefore my background link just refers you to my identity page on ClaimID.
  • Links: I'm relatively late onto the social bookmarking scene, but my recent obsession with metadata has driven me to start compiling stuff that interests me publicly online.

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