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Welcome, all. What you have before you is our never-to-be-released CD, "Coughdrop", in it's entirety - every track, from beginning to end. It took a lot of work, but the good news is that you won't have to wait all day for these tracks to download - they're all streaming audio! This means you will be able to start listening to a track right after you click on it!

What you'll need:

I would also recommend that you have only one internet session (this one) open if you're limited to a 28.8 connection. Enjoy, and please go to the Contact Cousin It page and fill out your comments on the particular songs. I am very interested on hearing some of your first impressions. The CD itself sounds excellent, recorded and mixed digitally from beginning to end. Due to some ugly legal ramifications (one of the presidents of our pressing plant split the country with everybody's money,) we won't be mass-pressing it. The only place that you can purchase the CD is via online ordering at the Cousin It House of Shwag. Email me if you would like yours on a Mini-Disc instead of CD; there will be no extra charge. Email here if you want a copy. Enjoy, and please let me know which are your favorites and which are your least favorites!

If you don't get good streaming of MP3s due to your slow internet connection, don't forget that you can right-click on a sound clip and "save target" to download it to your machine before listening.

Cousin It - Coughdrop
Track Title Video    MP3     RealAudio Lyrics
1 Blinded   CD MICRFON4.gif
2 Tyson   CD MICRFON4.gif
3 Better Days   CD MICRFON4.gif
4 Eff Minuhr   CD MICRFON4.gif
5 Like I Told You   CD MICRFON4.gif
6 Circle K Circle K - The Video CD MICRFON4.gif
7 Hourglass   CD MICRFON4.gif
8 Scented   CD MICRFON4.gif
9 Easy Way Out   CD MICRFON4.gif
10 Instill   CD MICRFON4.gif
10.5 Refrain   CD MICRFON4.gif
11 Nothing Happens   CD MICRFON4.gif
12 No Way Home   CD MICRFON4.gif
13 After All   CD MICRFON4.gif
14 (Unlisted CD track)   CD MICRFON4.gif
All Listen to ALL tracks   CD MICRFON4.gif