Cousin It

Every New Years' Eve Cousin It had a standing gig at The Bengal in Baton rouge.  One of the guys in BRUG (don't ask, don't tell) was nice enough to send these pictures he took along to us.  This was actually the last NYE gig Cousin It ever played.

Although it looks like they're paying a cover, it is more likely going to the keg Cousin It bought for the crowd at ever gig.
Ricking getting Mr. Lester Paul ready before the show.

Ricky dressed up as an '80s rock star (The Romantics, perhaps) right down to a red satin tie stapled in half, Kit dressed up as a '70s rock star, and Duck dressed up as a '90s frat guy.

You're never too big of a star to enjoy some Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill.

One of many, many toasts, right before the midnight hour. The more you drink, the better Cousin It sounds.

Syd "Vish-Ass" Vicious.

We realized during our first break that we had forgot to plan anything wacky for midnight. The best we could think of was to strip down to our boxers, to reaffirm the band as the "Ugliest Naked Band in Louisiana." The chicks seemed to dig it, though. I like the Beatelesque response we were getting from Lauren, lower left. I wish we would have thought of this before we decided on the underwear we were wearing for the night, though.

A good buddy of band's, Brad, singing Pearl Jam's "State of Love and Trust." Kit exiting, stage right, with Ricky's omnipresent Symantec hat.

Brad belting out the Jam and Duck frightening the gals in the front row..

Special thanks to >>---Danmeister---> for the pictures.