Cousin It

Here's a preliminary look at some of the artwork that is going to be included with our first CD, "Coughdrop."

Note!  These files are set to exact dimensions of CD jewel box inserts - and to high detail computer graphics specifications. In other words, in the "full quality" column, these things were saved in all of their 300 dot-per-inch glory so that you can see all the detail. They're too big for your desktop. I just exported them to gif/jpg for a little compression and I shrunk down the pallete - but they're still not all that tiny. The backgrounds are shrunken down so that you can use them as a background BMP.

Coughdrop Artwork Screen Quality Print Quality
Coughdrop cover
Coughdrop inside (credits)
Coughdrop inside (photos)
Coughdrop CD / Miscellaneous Artwork
Promo pic on
Eff Minuhr hits #1 on images/artwork/Eff Minuhr number one on's Alternative Country chart.jpg
"It" filled with all lyrics to songs on Coughdrop
Merchandise Artwork
T-shirt (alt)
Small Mug
Large Mug