Cousin It
Click here to see pictures from New Year's Eve Gig at The Bengal

Over the years the band has one hellova time - and we have been lucky enough to capture some of these moments. Although most of these good times have been captured on video, here's a couple of pictures to show you just how big of a bunch of idiots we can be. All of the pictures are in their original proportions with no cropping, so please excuse the load times.

This is just a really cool picture. It was for Geoff's, Kit's, and Ricky's acoustic alter-ego band "Greasy." No special effects were applied to this photo - this is just how it came out the camera.

This is later that night - at the exact same place (the Pike house at LSU.) Remember, this was an accoustic gig (well, actually we had to plug in later because the crowd got a little rowdy.). Pretty wild night.

A collage of a bunch of pictures, all assembled from various members of the band. Some highlights to look for - Ricky and Dow having their way with a bikini babe's chest, Geoff dressed as Santa Claused doing the technicolor yawn, Kit and his roomate dressed as gladiators, Ricky on his highschool graduation, Geoff and Ricky gently contrasting eachother on the beach, Kit passed out and Ricky drawing on his face, and Dow and Geoff apparently getting out of jail.

This was hilarious. This was at a practice when Geoff was claiming that Paul had broken his guitar cord. Doesn't Geoff look like that kid from the Far Side?

The band sitting next to the plaque recognizing all of the drunks that did Around the World at The Chimes.

Our first attempt at a lame promo pic. Yikes. We were so hip.

This is just a pretty candid photo right before Dow loaded his drums in at a gig in a LSU frat house.

Sound checking at Delta Tau Delta's "Mekong Delta" party at LSU. Apparently the Delts started partying before we got there. Two buddies and long time supporters of the band, Joey Rosenfeld and Thomas Thompson.
Click here to see pictures from New Year's Eve Gig at The Bengal